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Breaking News

Today’s news was good. It really was.

“The President has arrived at the Peace Summit, and now she’s passing through the front gate,” the dashing Lenny Arn is reporting with a cheering crowd behind him as three United Nations officials are escorting the President. Lenny continues, “189 world leaders gathered inside the building and the peace talks will be held shortly. We […]

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The Math Teacher

“I’ll tell him when it’s time.”

“His math is getting better,” Finn pointed out, “you taught him well.” Vinka pours more wine into her glass, “Least I can do.” “Pfft, yeah right.” “C’mon, Finn. We’re not talking about this again.” “I wasn’t going to, I was just telling you I noticed his math is getting better. But you’re drinking my hard-earned […]

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We’re Both Liars

“Oh, I’m a good liar — and so are you.”

Tonight is Bonita and Gema’s third date. Their second was two weeks ago. He’s busy with his work, she’s busy with her study, but both managed to carve up some time from their tight schedule today. Both left early from their appointments and made a conscious decision to go somewhere near Bonita’s dorm. That afternoon, […]

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Sisy, For Lack of A Better Word

“I am asking you not to misuse your eternity.”

“Finally,” said he; his eyes set upon a vast landscape so immensely captivating that a wild thought slipped and emerges in him, trying to convince himself that even though he may not find what he’s searching for, this landscape might as well be worth his journey. In an instant, he rejects such idea that he […]

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My Confidante

Kathryn thinks it’s fine if Dante knows too much. It’s not like he can tell on me.

“Cat, any plan this Saturday?” Annie asked me. They called me Cat in the office, a typical and ordinary nickname if your name is Kathryn. Or Catelyn. Or Catherine. Or…you get what I’m trying to say. I don’t hate that nickname – sick of it, probably, but it’s not a big deal. The irony, though. […]

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Midnight Maelstrom

Goddamn Runyx and their portals.

Aisy waited for a fortnight to have her fifteen minutes midnight lunch break with Dr. Karlsson. When their shift aligned and it finally happened, it didn’t even last for ten. Dr. Karlsson didn’t even get the chance to taste her homemade signature chocolate pudding with heavenly vla because a woman carrying a man in her […]

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A Happy Ending, If Not A Happy Sequel

It’s sixteen minutes to noon but time doesn’t really matter anymore at this point.

It’s sixteen minutes to noon and Gus’s typing on his laptop like the email company won’t send his replies once the clock strikes lunch hour. The clacking of his keyboard fills his room of glass wall, pushing him to go faster. The faster he types, the faster the replies are sent and he can get […]

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