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Purple Park

I have the Purple Park for myself and it's all thanks to Miss Alta.

I have the Purple Park for myself and it’s all thanks to Miss Alta. The grass here is purple, hence the name, and it’s as comfy to lie on as a Monday morning bed; like there is an extra incentive for you not to get up, stay for the whole day. The grass doesn’t give […]

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Sisy, For Lack of A Better Word

“I am asking you not to misuse your eternity.”

“Finally,” said he; his eyes set upon a vast landscape so immensely captivating that a wild thought slipped and emerges in him, trying to convince himself that even though he may not find what he’s searching for, this landscape might as well be worth his journey. In an instant, he rejects such idea that he […]

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Midnight Maelstrom

Goddamn Runyx and their portals.

Aisy waited for a fortnight to have her fifteen minutes midnight lunch break with Dr. Karlsson. When their shift aligned and it finally happened, it didn’t even last for ten. Dr. Karlsson didn’t even get the chance to taste her homemade signature chocolate pudding with heavenly vla because a woman carrying a man in her […]

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A Happy Ending, If Not A Happy Sequel

It’s sixteen minutes to noon but time doesn’t really matter anymore at this point.

It’s sixteen minutes to noon and Gus’s typing on his laptop like the email company won’t send his replies once the clock strikes lunch hour. The clacking of his keyboard fills his room of glass wall, pushing him to go faster. The faster he types, the faster the replies are sent and he can get […]

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