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We’re Both Liars

“Oh, I’m a good liar — and so are you.”

Tonight is Bonita and Gema’s third date. Their second was two weeks ago. He’s busy with his work, she’s busy with her study, but both managed to carve up some time from their tight schedule today. Both left early from their appointments and made a conscious decision to go somewhere near Bonita’s dorm. That afternoon, […]

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Sisy, For Lack of A Better Word

“I am asking you not to misuse your eternity.”

“Finally,” said he; his eyes set upon a vast landscape so immensely captivating that a wild thought slipped and emerges in him, trying to convince himself that even though he may not find what he’s searching for, this landscape might as well be worth his journey. In an instant, he rejects such idea that he […]

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My Confidante

Kathryn thinks it’s fine if Dante knows too much. It’s not like he can tell on me.

“Cat, any plan this Saturday?” Annie asked me. They called me Cat in the office, a typical and ordinary nickname if your name is Kathryn. Or Catelyn. Or Catherine. Or…you get what I’m trying to say. I don’t hate that nickname – sick of it, probably, but it’s not a big deal. The irony, though. […]

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